Having developed an appreciation for fashion at an early age, Silvia Siantar has always had a fascination with creating her own look. 

“Fashion gives you the ability to express yourself, your mood; it’s a creative outlet in many ways.” Which is one of the primary reasons the Poise24 collections were born. To her, everyday dressing is an integral part of a person’s frame of mind.

Silvia has been the creative force behind the brands since day one, immersing herself in every step of the brands’ creative and strategic decision-making process.

“I wanted clothes—whether a pair of denim shorts or a ball skirt—that I would wear myself. That’s the final test. Would I wear it? If I would, I would list it as part of the collection, and if I wouldn’t, I won’t.”

Poise 24’s style is defined by a sense of discreet modern design opulence, focusing on clean lines, fine fabrics and the perfect fit. It embodies eclectic lifestyle by blending uptown and downtown elements with playful and traditional styles.

With a focus on the interplay of masculine tailoring and feminine caprice, Poise24 is the answer for a trend conscious yet timeless wardrobe.