Sonny Angel Kewpie Dolls

Sonny Angel Kewpie Dolls are sold in a blind box (a box with no indication of what is inside), there are 12 to collect in every series.
So far there are 7 different themed series, plus a limited edition Heart and Artist that we have available on the site.

The Sonny Angel collection comprises 73 different 10cm high mini figurines. What makes the range so unusual is that the figurines are sold in "blind boxes" so you will never know which you will get. To add to the excitement, on special occasions unique dolls are secretly sold. At we only sell Sonny Angel dolls in a set of 3. You may choose a combination between the 5 series available (Animal 1, Animal 2, Fruit, Vegetable and Marine) of the mini figurines. Click here for more information about Sonny Angel.

Please Note: We are only displaying a few samples of the range.

  • Made with Swarovski Elements

    429,000 IDR
    In Stock
  • Sonny Angel debuts as a bobble head!
    Shake him and his head will sway.

    130,000 IDR
    In Stock
  • Fits Smartphone with 3.5mm headphone jack.
    Decorate your smartphone with Sonny Angel Decoppin
    and collect them all!

    55,000 IDR
    In Stock