Sonny Angel

Can I choose the design I want?

Unfortunately without opening the boxes we can't tell what is in them therefore there is no way of choosing the design. They are blind packaged which means we don't know which ones we have and you won't know which one you are getting!
Fortunately for the collector they ship in boxes of 12 and there are no double ups in a full box, wherever possible we make sure that each order comes out of the same box so that there are no double ups within a single order, we cannot however guarantee that if you come back and order again that they will be coming from the same box therefore you might receive a double up.

What is the "secret" kewpie all about?

Scattered amongst all the boxes randomly is a "special" design kewpie doll, you might get one or you might not they are completely random. We have found things such as a special pink elephant (instead of blue) or a unicorn instead of a llama so something like that - it just adds to the surprise and they are all super special after all!

Can you open the boxes to see what I’m getting?

At this point we are unable to open up the boxes to see what is in them - in the future we may offer open boxes with added cost so you can choose the design.

Anything Else?

Please don't hesitate to send us an email ([email protected]) if you have any questions or are confused.